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Crops Are Protected by Frequent Wind Turbine Inspections

Benefits of Wind Turbine InspectionsIt has already been proven that wind turbines can make large farms run more efficiently. One single wind generator can provide enough power to power a small farm or at least specific tasks, such as watering cattle. However, there is now enough research available to show that on large farms, you gain more than a simple power supply by having wind turbines. Your crops are benefiting from wind turbines and it goes beyond how much water you may pump out to them. The more turbines you have, the more you will be helping your crops. However, the larger your wind farm, the more important it is that you keep up with wind turbine inspections. Otherwise, your crops could end up suffering a setback.

How Farmers Benefit from Wind Power

Iowa State University conducted a multi-year study that proves large wind farms are benefiting from more than power if they have crops alongside their wind turbines. They kept track of wind speed, temperatures, turbulence, and more to see what impact the turbines would have at ground level. The results were impressive, especially for large produce fields.

The data suggests that turbines have a positive and noticeable impact on several different variables that can affect how well crops grow. Wind turbines keep temperatures cooler during the day and warmer at night. There is only a slight difference, but it can still help the crops. The most impressive thing is that the wind turbulence can suppress the formation of dew, which can cause mold or fungi to form on crops. Turbines also enrich the carbon dioxide content to help plants grow. All these things combine to prove that there may be some chance of having larger crops and better harvest by simply having more wind turbines on your large fields. However, the growth of your crops will never be what it can be if you do not keep your wind turbines in peak working order. This is where our wind turbine inspection services can help you the most.

Mile High Drones Expert Wind Turbine InspectionThe Importance of Wind Turbine Inspections

Wind turbines do not sustain damage easily, but it is still important for you to have them inspected. They, especially their blades, can become damaged over time by wind, rains, and other natural occurrences. Often, this damage is not easily noticeable from the ground, but it can lessen their power output and have a shorter lifespan. Inspections are difficult since wind turbines are so high up in the air. Drones are the best solution.

Drones have the ability to collect information from each drone using both visual and thermal sensors to have them inspected. Real-time images and video will be transmitted to the ground control station and you will know exactly what is going on up to 380-feet above your head. This ultimately means that you will have less downtime because of a malfunction or a defect, and your crops will continue to reap the rewards of having wind turbines above them.

Our Drone Wind Turbine Inspections

At Mile High Drones, we understand that you need to know what is going on with your wind turbines, whether you see damage or not. Our drones capture high-resolution images and videos giving you a bird’s eye view of how the wind turbine blades are functioning. We also use thermal imaging to ensure that the turbine is not feeling the strain of constant use. Our team has the skill and the resources to keep everyone safe on the ground during an inspection. Simply contact us to learn more about our services and pricing options.

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