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Electric Utilities Services

At Mile High Drones, our mission is rooted in a simple yet powerful principle: to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

We are driven by the desire to assist in preventing outages, ensuring the safety of linemen who tirelessly serve, and reducing the risk of wildfires. We take our responsibilities seriously because, ultimately, our purpose revolves around helping people. We are passionate about leveraging the best technologies available to enhance your quality of life, constantly seeking innovative solutions. We invite you to take advantage of our complimentary analysis, which enables us to identify how we can simplify and improve your life.

Seeing is Believing
Mile High Drones stands out as the premier aerial data collection and analysis company in the country for electrical utility inspections. Our inspection platform is no different.

Sample Deliverables

To effectively assist you, we recognize the importance of understanding your unique needs. Our approach to partnership begins with a deep understanding that each person and every company faces distinct challenges.

Damage Assessment
Routine surveying is highly encouraged in areas like Colorado. With drones, it’s much easier, faster and more affordable. ​
Improved Safety
Our aerial inspections pinpoint issues reducing the risk associated with manual inspections of compliant poles and towers.
Efficiency & Speed
Aerial inspections increase the turn-around time of traditional methods that are encumbered by terrain, deployment costs, and limited perspectives.
Location Accuracy
GPS enabled drones provide vital updates for asset locations that have incorrect or outdated GIS data.

Sample Deliverables

Here are some examples from past projects. The end deliverable for most projects is a consolidated report with summarized findings and recommendations.

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