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Electric Power Transmission Inspection

Use high-definition cameras for aerial inspections with thermal imagery of electrical transmission towers.

Transmission towers form the backbone of our power distribution system, and their structural integrity is paramount. At Mile High Drones we offer meticulous transmission tower inspections that combine innovative technologies with deep industry expertise. Our focus is threefold: to offer significant cost savings by identifying and addressing issues proactively, to ensure the safety of both the infrastructure and personnel, and to provide actionable insights that drive timely remediation. Our advanced inspection methods allow us to thoroughly assess towers, detecting vulnerabilities that may lead to future damages or system disruptions. Beyond just diagnostics, our comprehensive reports guide teams with prescriptive measures, ensuring the continued reliability and safety of the network. With every inspection, we’re not just assessing; we’re strategizing for the future.

Inspect difficult-to-reach Transmission poles and towers with a drone – call Mile High Drones today!



Harnessing the latest in inspection technology, we prevent expensive future repairs or replacements by catching issues early.
This is because where others see just inspections, we offer a comprehensive strategy for sustained operational excellence and safety.

Minimized Downtime
While traditional methods could mean prolonged service interruptions, our inspections are swift, reducing or eliminating service downtimes.
Environmental Impact
Traditional methods might involve ground-based vehicles or heavy equipment, but our approach reduces the ecological impact of inspecting your infrastructure.
Cost Effective
Be it insurance, equipment cost, or even lost opportunity cost by rolling trucks with too much material, having our data ahead of time allows for cost-effective use of resources before the trucks hit the road.
Actionable Insights
Beyond diagnostic data, we provide prescriptive reports for immediate action, while aggregating all your inspection data into a single portal.



Sample Deliverables

Here are some examples from past projects. The end deliverable for most projects is a consolidated report with summarized findings and recommendations.

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