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Drones Can See More Than We Can When It Comes To Commercial Warehouse Roof Inspections

If you have a commercial warehouse or even several of them, then you already know how important regular roof inspections are when it comes to your properties. Because if you don’t get eyes on your roof on a certain schedule, then small problems that would have been an inexpensive fix when they first started can grow until they become serious issues that will require a lot of time and money to fully repair.

In today’s day and age, though, these inspections are increasingly being done by drones. As 3D Insider points out, it’s just safer for machines to act as the eye in the sky when it comes to roof inspections. Especially since real human beings don’t have to put themselves into potentially hazardous positions to examine what’s happening on top of a warehouse, or even under the eaves when a drone can be used instead. Another appealing aspect, though, is that drones also allow us to catch problems that might be impossible for us to see with the naked eye, no matter how much experience an inspector has.

Drone Vision Brings A Lot More To The Table

When it comes to a drone’s standard camera, it’s certainly on par with human eyes. Though it has the advantage that camera footage can be saved and shared among inspectors, allowing multiple people to see the same thing from the ground without putting themselves at risk, as Aurel Robotics makes clear. However, a consideration that is often left out of the conversation about using drones as inspection tools is that a drone can see things that human inspectors simply can’t see. Period.

For example, a drone with a thermal camera can see precisely where heat is leaking out of (or getting into) a warehouse. This capacity to see the unseen is one that can completely change the way an inspection is done, and it can provide insight that even gifted professional inspectors might find hard to match on their own. Other types of filters can be used, as well, showing where the weak points in a warehouse roof are, and providing several, unique views for inspectors to review, and write their reports on. All of it cataloged and ready for review, should an inspector need to reference a particular time stamp on the video.

Taking A Closer Look At Our Roofs

Roof Inspections are a necessity that aren’t going to go away any time soon. And they aren’t something that only has to be done once, and you can forget about them. These inspections have to be done regularly in order to maintain safety and integrity, and they need to provide as much information as possible so that any defects, erosion, or damages can be found and repaired before they start growing out of control.

Old-fashioned roof inspections are time-consuming and dangerous, but they’re still necessary. Drones make it possible to conduct these inspections quickly, and they can provide a deeper insight as to what’s going on just out of sight, below the surface of a roof. Not only that, but drones record the inspection, allowing you to keep a visual record of all the information that was obtained, ensuring you have a backlog that you can look through to see when certain problems developed or to pinpoint when a certain issue first came to your notice.

If you would like more information about how using a drone could help you with your roof inspections, all you have to do is contact us today! Our experts are ready and willing to answer your questions and to help you make a drone inspection a reality for your roof.

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