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Mile High Drones and Industry Specific Uses of 3D Digital Twin Technology

Mile High Drones and Industry Specific Uses of 3D Digital Twin Technology

There is nothing that is quite as devastating as a sudden catastrophic loss of any type of property. From small businesses to large ones or the displacement of tenants in a small or large apartment complex these types of losses need to be back up and running quickly and efficiently.

So, if you happen to be a risk engineer, claims adjuster, or the restoration contractor that represents the involved insurance company you need a way to do your job both accurately and as quick as humanly possible.

Mile High Drones and The Matterport 3D Modeling Platform

The professional team at Mile High Drones understands these commercial property needs and has a total package solution to help you not only meet, but exceed those needs.

By implementing the Matterport 3D modeling platform in conjunction with the superb commercial aerial inspection services from Mile High Drones the needs of the repair estimators, claims adjusters, and restoration contractors can benefit from a complete and thorough inspection of the commercial property in question.

Let’s look at some key benefits that Mile High Drones can offer these industry specific challenges by using Matterport 3D digital twin technology.

Restoration Contract Professionals. When restoring a piece of commercial property, this platform can provide a comprehensive package of documentation that essentially eliminates the need of hundreds of photographs, measurements, and handwritten statements along with a 3D model that represents a digital twin of the affected property providing these benefits:

  1. Ability to estimate remotely, reducing travel time and expenses.
  2. Faster claims approvals.
  3. Improved quality of repairs making sure that no detail is missed.
  4. Eliminate repeated property visits for any follow-up photographs, or measurement.
  5. Ability to make all of these documentations in areas without electricity, light, or internet access thanks to extremely long battery life and complete portability to the site.

Claims Adjusters. By using 3D modeling technology, claims adjusters can rely on a ‘digital twin’ as well as other information that will save them time and ensures their clients of a fair settlement.

Claims adjusters can also benefit from:

  1. Create court admissible documents that cannot be manipulated.
  2. Bring the 3D model straight to a jury if need be.
  3. Improved negotiations with clients by providing the most documented and detailed information available.

Insurance Carriers. Mile High Drones combined with Matterport technology can assist you in maintaining the most accurately processed claims thereby decreasing overall expenses and allowing your company to provide an exceptional customer claims experience.

The insurance industry will benefit from:

  1. Reducing time in the claim cycle.
  2. Provide operational transparency by implementing the use of links to include every stakeholder.
  3. Allow your adjusters to view and adjust remotely within hours of the loss.
  4. Improve your catastrophic event response time.
  5. Provide excellent customer service by closing claims quickly and efficiently, as well as extremely accurately.

So, as you can see, by implementing not only drone technology, but photographic documentation technology, this creates a more streamlined claims process that will ultimately get those commercial properties operational with attention paid to every pre-catastrophic detail!

Whether you choose to use Mile High Drones either with or without the Matterport enhancements you get an inspection and representation that caters to your industry specific needs.

Mile High Drones has built their reputation around a solid company that is built on not only meeting but exceeding any and all of your commercial inspection requirements.

Why not take a few moments and contact the professional team at Mile High Drones today and see just how much your industry can benefit by using these cutting edge technologies.

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