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Mile High Drones and Matterport 3D Modeling; When You Need That ‘Digital Twin’

Digital twin photography technology is the next advanced step in 3D modeling. The specialized camera and accompanying software not only build a 3D representation of a space, it records and stores relational measurements and features annotation tools to insert notes into strategic points in the 3d model. Digital twin photography is ideal for engineers, insurance claims adjusters and other professionals that need more data than a typical virtual tour offers.

99% accurate, 100% awesome!

3D modeling with digital twin photography records a structure inside and out, using GPS technology to record measurements with 99% accuracy. Consider the productive efficiency of having access to such a highly accurate model to work with, it’s like being on site at any time you need to be. This immersive 3D model enables greater collaboration between teams that can access the 3D model from different locations at any time. Engineers, architects, and inspectors can view the recorded space with greater detail than they could with thousands of photographs.

The 3D model rendering has simple navigation features that allow viewers to walk through the space and explore details from angles unimaginable with standard photography. An icon can be added wherever an annotation note is made to call the viewer’s attention to a specific detail. Clicking on the icon displays the annotation. A measurement tool is available so a viewer can determine any dimensional size in the space. This digital measurement technology reduces the risk of human error that can occur when manually recording measurements on site. All this digital twin technology makes it possible to work as if your entire team is on location at all times.

Improve your project time management

Improve your productivity with digital twin 3D models. You no longer need to waste non-productive time digging through photo collections, CAD drawings, and personal notes recorded at the site location. Images, dimensions, and notes are stored in a single source – the digital twin file. This enables engineers and other professionals to spend their valuable time advancing the project forward rather than tracking down details in various locations. This cuts down redundancies and other non-value-add processes in the project. Speeding up the project management time frame yields happier customers and you can collect on invoices sooner. Shortening project timeframes can enable you to take on more projects, producing even more billable hours.

Insurance companies can benefit from digital twin 3D modeling in two ways. A highly accurate depiction of an insurable property can enable a better process for identifying risks, and a post-accident digital twin model can help determine claim issues quickly. An accurate 3D model complete with measurements and notations can better determine true valuations and help resolve claim disputes in the future. In the case of a destructive structure fire, preserving the scene for in-depth analysis is very difficult, and for safety reasons, the building may have to be demolished before the claim is completely investigated. A digital twin model preserves conditions of the scene long after the event so a thorough claim investigation can be completed. Insurance policies can be developed quicker with this all-in-one resource, and claims can be settled quicker and more effectively with highly accurate model information. This saves time and money on the front end of creating a policy, and on the back end when resolving a claim.

Mile High Drones is your source for digital twin 3D modeling

The potential for other applications of digital twin 3D modeling grows every day. Engineers, architects, insurers, space planners, and many more services can benefit from improved accuracy and efficiencies when using digital twin models in their next project. Get a better perspective for your next project — Mile High Drones is ready to put this amazing technology to work for you.

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