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Moisture Scanning and Leak Detection with Mile High Drones

Drones see use in a variety of areas. From roofing to construction, architecture, and real-estate, drones provide ease and convenience for any business owner. When a drone comes equipped with a thermal camera, businesses can use these cameras to locate moisture across various surfaces. If leaks occur in wood, concrete, spray foam, PVC, among other surfaces, having such a drone will be a lifesaver. Here are a couple of reasons why partnering with Mile High Drones makes sense.


Moisture detection is an effective prevention method to avoid major and costly accidents. Whether in hard to reach places or multiple places, Mile High Drones UAVs can reach hard to reach areas with relative ease. For example, if the roof leaks in a newly constructed home or commercial roof after a storm, a drone can be sent to the roof to assess location of the leak and potential damage. No expensive lifts or ladders are needed and the effort is done in less time than going there and assessing it. Thermal cameras pick up the heat emitting from an area quickly and easily. These cameras go by various names:

  1. Heat Vision Camera
  2. Thermal Imaging Camera
  3. Heat Sensor Camera
  4. Temperature Sensor Camera
  5. Thermal Heat Vision Camera

How they work is by making images from heat instead of visible light. Infrared thermal radiation (heat) belongs to the electromagnetic spectrum along with light. A visible light camera cannot detect heat and a thermal heat camera cannot detect visible light. It can however, detect minute differences in heat. The difference can be as small as 0.01° Celsius.

If a piece of siding has water damage, a drone can fly up with the thermal camera and detect differences in heat from the wet and dry areas because wet areas emit less heat. Depending on the temperature of the water, the leak may emit more heat rather than less.


Having a licensed and insured pilot with mandatory certification inspect a structure, leads to major savings. Drone inspections with thermal cameras allow for early and ongoing assessment of any potential problems. Prevention tactics avoid disasters especially with aging infrastructure. Real-estate agents often deal with older buildings and houses where homeowners fail to disclose needed repairs. Assessing the property with Mile High Drones allows for effective routine surveying at an affordable price. When keeping in mind budget, a drone inspection is a must have. Mile High offers examples of past projects for businesses to get a better grasp of what was assessed during inspection.


Architects and roofing contractors need quick and reliable assessment of various projects. The cameras equipped on drones offer 4K video and high definition photos. The ease of use allows for weeks of recording to showcase a long-term project. Throughout the process, checks for damage or leaks will guarantee a perfect end product and service. By generating a fully interactive 3D map, even an orthomosaic on request, control and information are at your fingertips. Contractors will get ultra-high definition footage of their work to place in portfolios and on social media.

So many people look for new homes in areas where old homes are flipped and renovated or commercial properties that protect valuable business assets. Using Mile High Drones to check for damage gives peace of mind to a homeowner or commercial property owner. Drones are the tools of the future and will be a great way to get businesses up and running when it comes to leak detection and damage assessment.

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