Thermal Imaging Services

Perform inspections, locate electrical, plumbing and insulation issues with non-contact drone measurements.

Undetected leakages are eating away your or your clients’ hard-earned money and can turn into a disaster if left unattended. Heating is expensive on its own and investing in good insulation can save you money in the long run. But people rarely do routine check-ups and only fix heating and plumbing issues when they rear its ugly head. With drones, you don’t have to cross that bridge when you get there, you can easily prevent major repairs that will put a serious dent in your budget.

Home, building and other asset inspections have never been easier, and never more affordable. With FLIR (Forward Looking infraRed) cameras, it’s very quick and simple to measure thermal performance, energy efficiency, and potential leakages. You can precisely detect and measure abnormal temperatures, issues with wiring, air intrusions, and temperature loss.

There is no need to take anything apart to see if there are any electrical, insulation or plumbing concerns – use Mile High Drones and thermal imaging.

Sample Deliverables

Here are some examples from past projects. The end deliverable for most projects is a consolidated report with summarized findings and recommendations.

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