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The Dangers of Not Performing Oil and Gas Well Inspections

Oil rigs are not a new thing. The very first oil rig successfully found oil on August 27, 1859, in Pennsylvania. With proper maintenance, they can last 20-30 years. When they are no longer serviceable, companies have to figure out what to do with them without risking damage to the environment. The problem is, because of the high demand for oil, we cannot really do without having them. Setting them up again is very costly. It is a very delicate balance. Therefore, it is beneficial for everyone in the industry to have regular oil and gas well inspections. This is where we, at Mile High Drones can help.

The Dangers of Leaks

The oil and gas industry has always been something that presents a public safety concern. It is because of this that in this industry, people do their part by performing routine inspections. In today’s world, the equipment must be up to code in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. It guarantees that the environment and all who work near the rigs and pipelines are safe.

Thanks to a constantly improving technology the gas and oil industry is running safer than it ever has before. Inspectors now can catch small defects and leaks before they become a problem, which means that will never be a risk anyone becoming sick by inhaling fumes. Technology has also improved the safety aspect for inspectors, who at one time had to put themselves into a potentially bad situation.

Proper Oil and Gas Inspection and Detection

In order for someone to perform oil and gas inspections the old fashioned way, an inspector would use a variety of tools, including their eyes and their nose. They had to look for problems and attempt to sniff the air to see if there was an odor. When the goal is gas leak detection, do you really want to sniff something that could make you sick? It was a job that no one wanted.

As technology increases, sensors became more able to detect leaks, but an inspector would still have to be near it in order to get an accurate and precise location of the leak. The risk was even greater thanks to the potential for a faulty device causing a spark.

For this reason, many large oil and gas companies have begun to use drone technology for their inspections. The drone can get above the leaks where it is safe while the drone operator is safely standing away from the oil rigs and gas wells.

Drone Technology Increases Inspection Safety

Our oil and gas drone services are effective at finding even the smallest leaks before they can become a problem. We use highly specialized sensors and a high-quality camera on our drones. Together with our software, we can visualize and pinpoint gas leaks with outstanding accuracy. As a bonus for your business, we can do our inspection while you are in full operation mode, meaning that you will not have any downtime because of your necessary inspection.

At Mile High Drones, we understand that it is important for you to keep your team, your rigs, pipelines, and your environment safe. It is easy to see that oil rigs are not going out of business anytime soon. Since safe operations matter so much to our clients, we have put in the effort to provide the highest quality equipment. We have a variety of drone experts that span the entire U.S.A so that wherever you are located, a knowledgeable inspection can be performed. If you would like to learn more about our experience with oil and gas inspections, please contact us.

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