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Solar Panel Inspection Services

Solar panels are an effective way of using renewable energy in order to achieve more power from the sun and avoid using toxic sources that can harm the environment. However, solar panels can be very difficult to maintain, especially because they are high-cost technology devices which demand more than just regular maintenance. Manually doing solar panels inspections can take months compared to hours with aerial thermal imaging.
Now, using drones to inspect, cleaning and maintaining solar panels is totally possible and very effective. A remote control drone with a thermographic camera can make the solar panel inspections easier, helping to see those areas that need maintenance with a surveillance UAV or a quad-copter with a thermal vision that will make it easier to spot underperforming solar cells.
When Solar Panels get dirty they cannot produce as much energy as they should, decreasing the amount of power they can make and eventually making a whole system work a lot less efficiently. In addition, solar panels can also break when they are not given proper maintenance, especially when a solar panel is not producing energy as it tops with a high amount of dirt or dust that can be blocking solar light to be properly transformed into energy.

But all this can be avoided with solar panel inspection services that use a remote control drone with a camera and thermal imaging that helps to spot those places in which the solar panels are not taking as much heat as they should. In this way, a solar panel inspection will determine if a solar panel is working properly or if it is leaking solar energy. With the use of an infrared camera, it is even possible to see the difference in effectiveness between multiple solar panels, making it easier to spot the ones that need maintenance.

Advantages of Drone Solar Panel Inspection over Standard Ground Inspection and Maintenance

Ground inspection does not provide the necessary imagery and entire testing of the solar panels the same way that an aerial thermal imagine does. A UAV Drone or a Quad-copter Drone can be programmed to do a surveillance inspection depending on the necessities of the solar, from using an infrared camera with thermal imaging to a normal UltraHD 4K Video in order to spot different areas of the solar panels at a high resolution. At the same time, it can measure heat failings so that site crew can pinpoint the reason behind it.

Moreover, ground inspection cannot record a total mapping of the whole solar panel area. With a remote control drone and a FLIR Device (Forward Looking infraRed), the inspector is able to record a total aerial mapping of the whole solar panel area structure with thermal imaging. This can eventually be analyzed by engineers to run the solar panel seamlessly.

In addition, using drone technology to inspect and do maintenance to solar panels is a great way of:

  • Saving Time – The system convenience and ease of use help the owners of solar panels to save time in maintenance activities for the whole infrastructure. This is even truer when it comes to large solar facilities and extended solar panel fields. Increasing ProductivitySolar panel inspections using Drone technology are much more effective and efficient than using normal ground maintenance. Also, they are a lot less costly and make it possible to analyze those solar panels which are not working correctly to maximize their productivity.
  • Doing High-Quality Maintenance – The trained Professional Drones Inspectors are perfectly able to handle the drones in order to perform more efficient maintenance by flying the drones close enough to the solar panels and inspecting them in search of any possible failure or necessary maintenance.
  • Using the Latest Drone Technology – Using drones to check the quality and state of solar panels makes it a great way to contribute to the future of drone technology and the use of new innovative ways of doing maintenance and upkeep surveillance.
  • How can a Professional Drone Inspector help? Using Drones for a solar panel inspection from time to time is highly recommended in order to avoid defective solar panels and decreased energy production. As solar panels are normally very sensitive to different factors like dirt and dust, it is utterly important to maintain them at an optimum state to get the most from them.

A professional inspector with a UAV drone or Quadcopter drone and a thermographic camera will easily spot any solar panel that is not working effectively by using thermal imaging to analyze those areas that need some readjusting or cleaning. A drone, managed by a professional doing a solar panel inspection will make it easier to spot any kind of problem on the solar panels as it analyzes and makes the inspection by air, offering a more detailed analysis of every solar panel.

A Professional drone Inspector uses the perfect methodology that helps solar panels inspection to be done more effectively and efficiently to make sure that every solar panel is working to the maximum and that any aging or failing structure can be spotted before it is too late.

This gains importance when it comes solar panels that are exposed to natural damaging factors like too cold or heated temperatures, moisture, vibrations, lightning strikes, animal damaging, too much rain and many other factors that can affect the integrity of a solar panel installation, making them work less efficiently or just getting to the point they can break down for good.

With a carefully designed methodology, a professional drone inspector can clean and maintain solar panels easily & effectively—thanks to the remote-controlled drone equipped with a camera. This will help to maintain a maximum productive state of the solar panels.

Although drone inspection has some limitations like short flying time and weather restrictions it is still worthy to use this technology for efficient inspections.

If you need to inspect your Solar Panels because they are not working at an optimum state or just need some readjusting or cleaning, Miles High Drone can offer you the best Solar Panel Inspection service to make your solar panels work at the maximum performance.

By using the service you will be able to save yourself time, effort and money. At the same time, you will improve the performance and condition of each of your solar panels with the use of the most innovative Drones and professional inspectors.

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