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Benefits of Choosing Mile High Drones For Part of Your Crane Inspection Team

We as a country depend a great deal on the use of cranes. Everything from industrial construction to the smooth operation of all of our nation’s ports, cranes play an integral role in the logistics and infrastructure of our industrial society.

Along with those mighty heavyweight movers of goods and materials there are of course the periodic inspections to be performed as part of properly and safely operating these beasts.

There is a way to do these inspections faster and safer and that’s some fantastic news for the crane inspection industry. If you are an in-house inspector or you work for one of the many inspection service companies, there is a way to integrate modern technology and safety into your crane inspection programs.

That of course is Mile High Drones. UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones have been around for quite a while now, and we aren’t talking about some teenager in a park with a store bought toy. These are officially licensed and piloted FAA approved aircraft that Mile High Drones has built their business around by using this technology to assist those in-house or out sourced crane inspectors across the country and across many industries.

When you choose Mile High Drones as part of your crane inspections you are making a choice to have your inspections done both faster and much safer. Drones can accomplish in a short time what the average inspection crew spends a long time on thereby cutting down on the downtime. All of this talk about time well let’s not forget the added safety benefit as well. If there is a problem high up the lattice work or cabling on a large crane you can get ‘eyes’ on the problem a lot faster and safer by using a drone instead of having to hoist a human being to the problem on some sort of lifting device. Yes, it is a time saver and possibly a life saver.

Let’s take a look at some key benefits of choosing Mile High Drones for part of your crane inspection team.

Mile High Drones Are FAA Compliant

All of our pilots are fully compliant with current FAA regulations and have their 107 certification.

The FAA Part 107 Test is a required exam to become a certified drone pilot. The test made up of 60 multiple choice questions, and requires a passing rate of 70 or higher.

Mile High Drones Uses The ‘Right Stuff’

We have over 90k dollars invested in equipment in the air, and over twice that amount in ground systems and support. All of our aircraft and ground support and systems are modified for high altitude flying.

This makes getting to those very high trouble spots just another ‘day at the office’ for Mile High Drones.

Mile High Drones Uses Military Trained Personnel

All of our aerial operations are run by a United States Air Force veteran that knows exactly what it takes to deliver on your crane inspection mission.

Mile High Drones Is Licensed And Insured

We use an in-house licensed thermographer and every mission that we take on is matched with efficient insurance coverage.

These benefits help your crane inspection program to operate like a very streamlined and well oiled machine. Providing extremely qualified pilots and personnel to further enhance the already reputable crane inspection service that you either own or operate.

The companies that use these cranes are dependent on them for continuous operation with minimal downtime and that is what you can provide them with by using Mile High Drones for your next crane inspection.

Feel free to contact us at Mile High Drones to further discuss your crane inspection program.

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