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Benefits of Using Drone Technology for Industrial Smoke Stack Maintenance and Inspections

Industrial smoke stack inspections are an integral part of the operating schedule for many plants and manufacturing facilities. By setting aside certain amounts and time and of course money, they tend to plan for these things as far in advance as possible. After all, they agreed upon at the opening of such facilities to abide by the federal regulations that require these inspections and maintenance on a regular basis.

These types of inspections and maintenance carry with them several factors including costs and safety. And another aspect of the cost side of things is, do these facilities have their own in-house inspectors or do they hire these inspections to be performed by an outside inspection agency. Either way there is absolutely no denying that in terms of factory downtime, inspection costs in man-hours, and the overall safety factor of having human beings repelling down into these structures that industrial smoke stack maintenance and inspections are indeed both a very costly and dangerous business.

The Good News is There is a Solution

What if there existed technology that could both alleviate some cost and almost all the danger? Well there is.

Mile High Drones possesses the ability to provide UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to assist those that are responsible for the implementing of such maintenance regimens and inspections.

If you are one of those in-house inspectors or you own and operate one of the inspection services, Mile High Drones can accommodate you by supplying drone technology, software and trained personnel to enhance your inspections services. All the drone pilots at Mile High Drones are military trained for consistency and mission excellence.

Let’s take a look at some key benefits of using Mile High Drones for your next industrial smoke stack inspection service:

Cost Effective

Probably the single most important aspect of any inspection is to perform the service at a cost that all parties are happy with. By using Mile High Drones for the aerial portion of your inspection you are taking a very proactive approach to being as cost effective as possible.

When you can offer your customer the same or even a more thorough inspection than last time at a price point that is also better than last time you can rest assured that your inspection team has not only gained the trust of the company, but the inspection service for years to come. That creates a win-win for everyone involved.

Less Downtime

Inspections and maintenance create downtime for the facility involved. Down time is cut to a bare minimum when you choose to use the services of Mile High Drones. By using infrared technology, you can put many sets of eyes on the images from the drone’s infrared cameras thereby creating more options concerning the best approach to the matters at hand.

The faster these inspections can be performed, the less time the facility is spent in an idle state. Your goal as an inspector and the facility’s goal is to get the plant back up and running at full capacity as soon as possible. Mile High Drones can help you in this aspect.

The Safety Factor

Any time that you can use technology to replace the danger that a human might face is a good thing. By implementing the drone technology from Mile High Drones you can eliminate the need of having a human being suspended on rope dangling inside a smoke stack. That in and of itself creates a no-brainer for the use of drone technology in industrial smoke stack maintenance and inspections.

Please contact us at Mile High Drones today and let’s begin solving your industrial smoke stack inspection needs.

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