Drone Services for the Real-Estate Industry

Showcase your property in the new light – change perspective with an affordable aerial view.

Usage of drones in the real estate industry is on the rise, and rightfully so. Now it has become more affordable than ever to create 360 panoramic views, virtual tours and high-quality aerial videos of high-rise buildings. Drones allow you to capture the view from your property and market it to prospective buyers.

Statistics show that realtors have observed a large increase in closing deals when they use drone photography or drone aerial videos. High Definition shots and 4K videos provide a new perspective to showcase your property listing. With such footage, you can easily zoom in, create dramatic photos and compelling videos that can rival the Hollywood production.

Do you worry about the state of the property? Use thermal imaging and FLIR camera to detect any leakages, temperature loss, insulation issues, electricity problems, plumbing malfunctions and conduct a detailed roof inspection – all in a couple of hours.

Licensed & Insured
Fully licensed and insured, our pilots are professionals that know how to get the job done right. We carry all the mandatory certification, in addition to mission-specific insurance coverage.
Drone inspections can detect potential damage before it happens. Mile High Drones can help you uncover issues that arise with aging infrastructure, or from issues in new construction.
Damage Assessment
Routine surveying is highly encouraged in areas like Colorado. With drones, it’s much easier, faster and more affordable. ​

Sample Deliverables

Here are some examples from past projects. The end deliverable for most projects is a consolidated report with summarized findings and recommendations.

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