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Well Inspections Ensure the Future of Oil and Gas Rig Industries

Renewable energy makes up just over 10% of energy consumption in the United States. Admittedly, OOOOa Regulations and Senate Bill 181 complicate things for oil and gas rig owners, but we still heavily depend on petroleum and natural gas. Mile High Drones is here to help you make sure that you provide for that demand in a safe and compliant manner.

Exploring New Regulations

There is some thought that the EPA regulations outlined by the OOOOa negatively impact the future of oil and gas rigs. In truth, it may save companies money and improve public perception about the use of fossil fuels over other natural resources. By cutting down on the risk of flammable gases being released, energy companies will have less to worry about. Fewer fires will mean less damage to equipment and increased employee safety.

Colorado’s Senate Bill 181 (SB181) also put regulations on the gas and oil industry. With it, the government has the ability to decide where rigs can be placed. It also states that twice yearly, there should be gas and oil rig inspections done. The biggest concern is not for the already established rig owners/operators, but for all new well applications, who now have to wait on approval by the COGCC.

The Future of Oil and Gas Industry Leaders

Although renewable energy sources are gaining popularity and may become the biggest source of electricity in the coming years, the gas and oil industries are not going to suffer. Executive Order 13563 states that although we must protect public health, welfare, and safety, we must also promote economic growth, innovation and more. This means that labor impacts due to the new regulations should be as unaffected as possible.

Therefore, predictions are that no matter how many regulations you must muddle through as an industry, oil and gas demand is on the rise. In fact, there is some who say that an average rise of 1.4 % is expected each year while making up approximately 36.5% of the world’s energy mix by the year 2030. Gas is also expected to rise to more than 27% within that same time frame. Currently, it is only listed at 23%.

Currently, it is possible that as much as 80% of the world relies heavily on fossil fuels. Most of the growth over the next ten years will most likely come from Asian countries that are still developing. Some say that China and India are among the highest with approximately 86% of the global demand going to them in the years ahead.

Well Inspections for the Future

At least twice annually, your rigs will have to be inspected thoroughly. They should be monitored throughout the year. This means looking for potential oil leaks, methane leaks, and more. By meeting the regulations and staying on top of gas leak detection, you are proving that your industry is here to stay. However, inspections need to be done safely and effectively.

Our oil and gas drone services prove that inspection time does not have to be dangerous. It also does not require a lot of your time. Our licensed drone operators can come to your rigs, fly overhead safely, and use cameras to show you all that your eyes may not ever be able to see. Potential leaks will show up on our cameras as a smoky area so that we find even the smallest leaks. There no risk to you, your team, or the community around your rigs. Our pilots are fully licensed and insured to give you peace of mind that you are in good hands with us.

All you have to do is contact us and someone from Mile High Drones will inspect your rigs using specialized sensors, soon.

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