Drone Services for the Film & Cinema Industry

Get the perfect aerial shot without the use of cranes or helicopters.

Film industry is always innovative when it comes to the stories their movies tell, but not much has changed in the way movies are made. Scenes and angles remained the same, and any attempt to shoot something in a more unique manner usually isn’t cost effective. But all that changes with the use of drones.

Save money on helicopter aerial shots – drones can perform stunts in hard to reach, urban places where helicopters can’t fly. Drones provide unlimited maneuverability and freedom to create without limitations. Drones provide an outstanding image stability and virtually unrestricted access to areas where manned aircraft can’t go – from alleys, doors, and windows to canyons. Not to mention the fact that hiring a drone and a crew cost around 5 times less than a helicopter – per day.

Mile High Drones lets you change the perspective and provide viewers with a totally different experience. You can shoot videos in 4K resolution from any possible angle, as well as chase objects with ease, capturing high-resolution aerial videos in the process.

Hire our drone crew and our film drones, and you will get better videos at a very cost-effective price, with a faster turnaround.

Unique Perspective
Change the way you do business, shift your perspective with Aerial Photography! Mile High Drones can propel you to new heights.
Ultra-High Quality
With ultra-high quality lenses, Mile High Drones has the equipment and experience to get you the perfect shot.
Licensed & Insured
Fully licensed and insured, our pilots are professionals that know how to get the job done right. We carry all the mandatory certification, in addition to mission-specific insurance coverage.

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