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Solar & Wind Industry

Accurate wind turbine and solar panel inspections in a matter of minutes.

Drone technology is disrupting entire industries, and it’s finding its use in the solar and wind industry. Due to their nature, solar panels and wind turbines are usually placed high above the ground, and that makes their inspection a difficult endeavor. In order to perform a wind turbine inspection, workers have to risk their lives, stop the production and climb high-rise platforms. With drones, there is no need to halt the production or endanger workers.

Drones can capture high-resolution images and 4K videos in a matter of minutes. The footage can be zoomed in and any faults on the wind turbine blade can be easily detected. Solar panels can also be quickly inspected, without the measurement errors that come with human inspections. Thermal imagery FLIR camera can detect any energy loss and the solar panel’s performance issues. Apart from thermal imagery, drones are equipped with a High Definition camera that can capture beautiful aerial photos and videos you can use in further presentations.

Inspect your wind and solar operations without danger to employees and quickly detect any malfunctions.

Licensed & Insured
Fully licensed and insured, our pilots are professionals that know how to get the job done right. We carry all the mandatory certification, in addition to mission-specific insurance coverage.
Drone inspections can detect potential damage before it happens. Mile High Drones can help you uncover issues that arise with aging infrastructure, or from issues in new construction.
Damage Assessment
Routine surveying is highly encouraged in areas like Colorado. With drones, it’s much easier, faster and more affordable.

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