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Wildfire Defense & Mitigation

Use drones to proactively inspect critical infrastructure and their right of ways to defend against wildfires.

Drones are playing an increasingly important role in wildfire mitigation and prevention. Mile High Drones provides Electric Utilities with proactive inspection and reporting on critical infrastructure and their right-of-ways. High-resolution data help detect vegetation encroachment, items too close to power lines, damage, and negligent acts by land owners.

Drones provide safer right-of-way inspections, and help companies stay in compliance with regulatory requirements. Mile High Drones provides turnkey solutions to map fire-prone areas and identify potential fire hazards. This information can be used to develop mitigation strategies and reduce the risk of wildfires. Inspections are done to your specific requirements to conduct vegetation encroachment analysis, providing pinpoint locations to facilitate management, such as clearing brush and trees, to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Contact us to get a demo of our platforms and to discuss how we can partner with you to ensure the safety and security of your critical infrastructure.

Damage Assessment
Routine surveying is highly encouraged in areas like Colorado. With drones, it’s much easier, faster and more affordable. ​
Improved Safety
Our aerial inspections pinpoint issues reducing the risk associated with manual inspections of compliant poles and towers.
Efficiency & Speed
Aerial inspections increase the turn-around time of traditional methods that are encumbered by terrain, deployment costs, and limited perspectives.
Location Accuracy
GPS enabled drones provide vital updates for asset locations that have incorrect or outdated GIS data.

Sample Deliverables

Here are some examples from past projects. The end deliverable for most projects is a consolidated report with summarized findings and recommendations.

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