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Right of Way Inspections

Use drones for right of way inspections to ensure access and prevent encroachment in your critical infrastructure.

The aerial right-of-way data collected by drones can benefit multiple industries, such as oil and gas, power lines, wind turbines, cell towers, and anything that needs to maintain a clear area around the asset. Mile High Drones provides high-resolution images that help detect such things as vegetation encroachment, items too close to power lines, utility towers, as well as damage, and negligent acts by land owners.

Drones provide safer right-of-way inspections, and help companies stay in compliance with regulatory requirements. Mile High Drone pilots can fly drones into tight spaces and challenging areas that larger aircraft could not reach to inspect rights-of-ways, finding and identifying areas of overgrowth or undergrowth and any other hazards that may become problematic.

Our end-to-end solution combines data collected by drones with comprehensive data analysis and excellent reporting capabilities, offering a practical way to use aerial intelligence for your right-of-way inspections.

Contact us to get a demo of our platforms and to discuss how we can partner with you to ensure the safety and security of your critical infrastructure.

Damage Assessment
Routine surveying is highly encouraged in areas like Colorado. With drones, it’s much easier, faster and more affordable. ​
Improved Safety
Our aerial inspections pinpoint issues reducing the risk associated with manual inspections of compliant poles and towers.
Efficiency & Speed
Aerial inspections increase the turn-around time of traditional methods that are encumbered by terrain, deployment costs, and limited perspectives.
Location Accuracy
GPS enabled drones provide vital updates for asset locations that have incorrect or outdated GIS data.

Sample Deliverables

Here are some examples from past projects. The end deliverable for most projects is a consolidated report with summarized findings and recommendations.

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